Many of the other references on this site are linked to online documents. What follows below are links to other organizations that have significant information on FDA-related issues. We provide these links for information purposes only and do not endorse any of these sites or the information that they may contain.

The FDA: The FDA has an extensive Web site with many documents available to seach.

The Food and Drug Law Journal: The FDLJ has many authoritative papers on FDA law, a number of which are cited in this Web page. Although these papers provide valuable descriptions of FDA-related law, most do not investigate actual FDA practice, which often differs substantially from what the law requires. The papers in the FDLJ are written primarily for an audience interested in getting along with the FDA rather than in evaluating the FDA. Back issues of the journal are available online.

The Drug Information Journal: Similar in scope to the FDLJ, the DIJ contains authoritative papers by industry experts and insiders on the workings of the pharmaceutical industry, including the FDA. Some of the same caveats apply to the DIJ as to the FDLJ, although more papers in the DIJ evaluate the FDA. Back issues of the journal are available online.

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development: The Tufts Center is the primary collector of data on drug development and FDA review times. A critical resource that everyone in the field uses.

Consumers Against High Drug Prices: A consumer oriented site that is critical of the FDA for raising the costs of prescription drugs. The site contains a number of interesting examples of drug delay and drug loss. Consumers Against High Drug Prices is critical of some aspects of modern medicine.